A short film by Neil Jackson

    Isolated and angry, John, a homeless war vet, meets Lucy, a young street girl, and offers to buy her a coffee after noticing a fresh bruise around her eye. Through their conversations we start to learn more about the circumstances that lead to John being homeless in the first place. It soon becomes clear that even though John believes he is helping Lucy, the truth may actually be the other way around.

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Boston, Bulgaria

21st February 2017Well, we’ve broken the back of the filming schedule here in Bulgaria, and are now into the second half of shooting Absentia.  This crew and cast are just phenomenal.  They’re shooting 6 day weeks, with only one day off, a Wednesday, to catch up on a little sleep before back into 14-16hr days to bring this story to life.  Every ...

“Absentia” is well underway…

21st January 2017I’ve been shooting for the past week on this amazing new show by Sony Pictures Television Networks’ AXN, and I’m having a blast working with this funky bunch. It’s such an brilliant international cast and crew, and everyone is working their tails off to tell this interesting and complex story in the most exciting way possible. I’ll be posting updates ...

“WISH YOU HERE” has been officially selected to screen in the Nevermore Film Festival

17th January 2017  I’m so excited to announce that our little film about Karl the lonely zombie has been selected out of 400 submissions to be one of the 39 films to screen at the coveted Nevermore Film Festival Feb 24-26th, 2017, in North Carolina. The film will screen in the “Can’t Live Without You” section of the festival at 1pm, Feb ...

“Off Ramp” a short film by Neil Jackson

8th October 2016I’m directing a short film called “Off Ramp”.  Please take a look at this link when you get a second, support if you can and SHARE it with the world.  Thank you and much love xx http://www.gofundme.com/offramp