Boston, Bulgaria

Well, we’ve broken the back of the filming schedule here in Bulgaria, and are now into the second half of shooting Absentia.  This crew and cast are just phenomenal.  They’re shooting 6 day weeks, with only one day off, a Wednesday, to catch up on a little sleep before back into 14-16hr days to bring this story to life.  Every single person on set is a joy to work with and an inspiration.  I cannot commend them all highly enough.  This story we are telling is very rich and complex and it requires a lot of concentration from all departments to bring the many interwoven elements together.  Last week we shot a very emotionally charged scene on the “streets of Boston” (all amazingly recreated in the foothills of the Vitosha Mountains in Bulgaria).  The scene involved many many moving parts, including weather, cars, lots and lots of supporting artists and lighting set ups.  It was a pleasure to see all that hard work pay off for a moment that I think will resonate with you all on screen.  I shared a little of these incredible sets on my Instgram.  It was surreal to be looking at yellow cabs with Massachusetts numbers plates and cops wearing Boston PD badges, surrounded by our brilliant Bulgarian crew and the breathtaking mountain vista.  Check out my insta and twitter feeds for some behind the scenes bits.  I don’t want to spoil this adventure for any of you, so apologies if you don’t get to see all that much detail, but I’ll share what I can when I can x