New Single

We are close to finishing the mix on the first single from my new album. The single is called “Taking Us Back” and is a fun, upbeat song. I’m gonna share a snippet of it in the next couple of weeks prior to it’s release. Can’t wait for you guys to hear it…

Sleepy Hollow

Sorry for the lack of posts here recently.  I’ve been busy filming Sleepy Hollow.  Filming is going great and season 2 of the show starts airing on FOX on Sept 22nd in the US.  Make sure you set your DVR’s.  I’m not sure yet when the show is scheduled to air in the rest of the world.  Once I find out I will post it here 🙂

Person of Interest

I just finished filming an episode of this show in a very chilly NYC. Amazing cast and crew, and I am eternally grateful for being brought on to play such an interesting and pivotal part. I’ll let you know once I hear about the release date.

Sleepy Hollow

Just been invited to join the cast out in North Carolina to play a new character in the series.  Excited to be a part of this amazing show 🙂

Signed Photos

Signed Photo Sample
I’ve finally figured out how to send  personalized signed photo.  Just visit the “store” to order one 🙂

New Music Coming Soon…

I’ve been writing and rehearsing a load of new music over the past couple of months.  The plan is to start gigging the new stuff next month (Sept) and, once we (the band) have a good feel for them, start recording them for release towards the end of Autumn.  There are a lot of fun tunes that I left off the first album that I’m excited to share with you on this next one – including “All That I Am” – as well as some exciting new stuff.  On the whole, the album is going to have a lot more of an upbeat sound.  I can’t wait to share it with you very soon 🙂